Onsite Physiotherapy


Onsite physiotherapy treatment for your workers means lower injury rates, reduced workers compensation claims and increased control over a worker's rehabilitation and return to work plan.


Onsite physiotherapy has also been proven to lead to generally increase morale among a workforce as well as higher productivity levels.


Corporate Services


Healthcore provides a range of services focusing on preventing work-related injuries as well as managing injuries when they occur to facilitate rehabilitation and fast, durable reintroduction to the workforce.


Our main objective is keeping your workers safe, healthy and productive. 

Medicolegal Assessments


Healthcore assessors can conduct both Functional Capacity Evaluations and Activities of Daily Living assessments aimed at identifying and quantifying a claimant's need for assistance and equipment, their disability level and their capacity to return to any type of vocation.


Healthcore assessors use the WorkHab Functional Capacity Evaluation system which is one of the most widely researched and reliable forms of this type of assessment.

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