injury prevention
About HealthCore

Healthcore was established by occupational physiotherapist Steve Bois in 2011 as NCP Consulting, changing its name to Healthcore in early 2014. Steve is an occupational physiotherapist specialising in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and has been working with both small and large organisations in occupational physiotherapy since 2005.

From 2004-2009 Steve developed and ran the SA Manual Handling Training program for Anglicare SA©. He provided ergonomics and manual handling training to over 2000 Anglicare SA© employees with a variety of roles ranging from nursing, care work, hospitality, cleaning, office work and administration, maintenance, gardening, warehouse store and management as well as a number of remote/offsite roles involving home care and transport.

Steve also developed comprehensive 2-3 day Train-The-Trainer programs for key OH&S staff, enabling them to quickly identify and manage hazards in the workplace and to teach other staff to do the same.

Steve has also worked with a number of other organisations in various industries including mining and exploration, residential and commercial construction, food processing and storage, hospitality and freight and logistics, facilitating injury prevention programs, on and offsite physiotherapy treatment programs and manual handling training programs. Steve is a certified assessor and member of Workhab International© and the Occupational Health Physiotherapists Australia (OHPA) as well as an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA).