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Activities of Daily Living Assessments

What is an Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Assessment?

ADL's refers to tasks revolving around the areas of personal self-care and general activities in and around the home. They are specific to each individual. An ADL assessment analyses functional performance of ADL's.


  • ADL Assessments are most commonly used to:

  • Analyse performance of ADL's and identify any issues.

  • Determine requirements (if any) with regard to

    • equipment

    • further medical treatment

    • further rehabilitation 

    • assistance from family, friends or professional services with the overall aim of maximising independence, minimising aggravation of the injury and returning to previous quality of life

  • Advise on safety and the ergonomically correct way to perform ADL's.


ADL Assessments for employers or Workcover claim managers will:

  • Provide a clear overview of the injured worker's living situation.

  • Identify any issues with the performance of ADL's.

  • Provide cost-effective strategies aimed at maximising independence and reducing injury aggravation with the performance of ADL's.

  • Facilitate the rehabilitation process by ensuring that it is tailored towards an injured worker's functional limitations.

  • Teach the injured worker to perform ADL's safely and without aggravating their injury.

  • Provide a comprehensive but well-structured report enabling easy access to all vital information.


ADL Assessments for medicolegal purposes will:

  • Provide a clear overview of your client's current injury status including range of motion, strength and cardiovascular fitness restrictions. 

  • Quantify an individual's performance of ADL's relative to their baseline abilities prior to the injury.

  • Quantify the amount (if any) of gratuitous assistance being provided by family and friends.

  • Quantify the amount (if any) and cost of assistance required and/or currently being provided by professional services.

  • Provide detailed biomechanical analysis of the client's functional limitations to substantiate the claim as well as all recommendations made.


Why use HealthCore to conduct an ADL Assessment?

  • Healthcore will work closely with you to tailor the focus of the assessment and report to suit your requirements.

  • The level of detail provided and the overall scope of the report can be customised to suit your specific requirements and price restrictions.

  • Payment for services can be deferred until settlement to minimise ongoing costs to your firm and your client. Please note that this needs to be arranged prior to referral and will be considered on a case by case basis.

  • Emergency/priority reports can be provided at your request with a complete turn-around time of as little as 48 hours from referral.


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