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Functional Capacity Evaluations

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)?


A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is a series of standardised tests used to assess a worker’s functional capacity for work. It is determines an individual's safe and objective physical capabilities, establishes and monitors rehabilitation goals and aids in return to work facilitation.


FCE's are generally used to:

  • Quantify an individual's lifting and carrying capacities

  • Quantify an individual's capacity to perform their specific work tasks

  • Measure an individual's full body range of motion



FCEs for employers will:

  • Determine an injured worker's capacity to return to their previous duties in the workplace.

  • Identify which work duties are safe and suitable for an injured worker in order to reduce the risk of aggravation or re-injury

  • Facilitate a plan with regards to the injured worker's re-integration back into the workforce.

  • Act as a pre-employment assessment / screening [SB1] tool to determine an individual's capacity to perform a specific job.



FCE's for medicolegal purposes will:

  • Determine an individual's level of disability to perform both work related tasks and activities of daily living.

  • Quantify an individual's work output for their specific role.

  • Quantify any change to an individual's earning capacity.

  • Provide detailed biomechanical analysis of the client's performance throughout the examination to substantiate all findings.



Why use HealthCore to conduct an FCE?

  • Healthcore uses the Workhab © Functional Capacity Evaluation tool which is one of the most widely researched and reliable forms of this type of assessment.

  • Assessment can be conducted onsite at the workplace or in the client's home.

  • Emergency/priority reports can be provided at your request with a complete turn-around time of 48 hours from referral.

  • The level of detail provided and the overall scope of the report can be customised to suit your specific requirements and price restrictions.


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