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Onsite Physiotherapy

Healthcore can provide an experienced Occupational Physiotherapist to visit your workplace and assess and treat your employees.

This service should not be limited to your injured workers. Research has proven that onsite physiotherapy programs are an effective injury prevention strategy. Not only this, but when an injury does occur, onsite physiotherapy has been proven to ensure a faster recovery for your workers and significantly reduce return to work times.


The benefits of onsite physiotherapy include:

  • Lower injury rates – starting day 1

  • Immediate diagnosis and treatment of injuries including full reporting to key personnel

  • Reduced number of Lost Time Injuries (LTI's)

  • Reduced workers compensation claims and premium costs

  • Reduced absenteeism (workers are usually able to remain at work to perform restricted duties while receiving physiotherapy treatment onsite)

  • Increased control over a worker's return to work plan and rehabilitation

  • Detailed information and statistics to identify high risk roles or duties


The same Occupational Physiotherapist can also conduct Worksite Assessments, Job Analyses, Ergonomic Assessments and Training for office staff, general Manual Handling Training programs, Onsite Exercise Programs and general exercise advice and Injury Prevention Programs. 


The greatest advantage is that by treating your workforce the Occupational Physiotherapist will develop a detailed understanding of your workers, work procedures and key risk areas. This means they will be able to offer effective, functional solutions to reduce risk and injury rates. All solutions will be specifically tailored for YOUR organization.


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