Pre-Employment Screening

Healthcore Occupational Physiotherapists can conduct Pre-Employement Functional Capacity Evaluations to ensure a potential employee is able to meet the physical demands of a specific role within your organisation. Pre-Employment Functionals usually take one hour to complete and are among the most highly recognised injury prevention strategy in use today. Screening your new employees will save you both time and money and ensure your lost time injuries (LTI's) remain at a minimum.


At Healthcore we understand that your needs are specific to your business and so we are able to offer you complete flexibility with regard to the structure of our Pre-Employment Functional Assessments.


Using our approach we are able to ensure you obtain all the information you require about the physical capabilities of a potential employee as well as an assessment of their suitability for any role within your business.


Why use Healthcore for your Pre-Employment Functional Assessments?


  • Most Pre-Employment Functional Assessments can be completed within an hour to provide you with the assessment information in the shortest possible time.

  • We can tailor the assessment to fit your time and budget restrictions while ensuring that the necessary data is collected and analysed effectively.

  • We are able to offer advice to help potential employees correct any issues that are identified during the assessment.

  • Research has evidenced enormous reduction in injury rates for employees tested for the specific job they will be performing prior to commencing.

  • Assessments can be conducted anywhere including on site or in a clinical setting.


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